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X Art is a great name for this site, in the past when they launched in 2008 they were known as Divine Beauties. I guess it was a toss up between the two names since the content is simply art personified and the girls are beautiful. I do not use that term lightly we are talking perfection here.

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Oddly I find this refreshing amongst all the trash reality sites and porn star wannabes. Most look like Barbie dolls and carry the same uniform across the adult industry.

Refreshingly these girls are natural beauties I do believe some are not even wearing make up. Perfect bodies, slim and tight stomachs, long languishing legs, thick curtains of hair and the sweetest faces. This all makes it a little more appealing and exciting, these are not the girls you would expect to be watching getting up to naughty kinky things like this. Don’t get me wrong though, the integrity of beauty and class is perfectly maintained in every scene and every photograph.


Getting around is easy enough. The site is ordered perfectly with a main video at the top which I guarantee you will want to watch, then underneath the highest rated videos by the members. There is an updates tab to keep you in the picture regards what is new, a models page where you can find out more about these delicious angels which, is intriguing to say the least. Then there are the archives which are easy enough to browse by using the date ordered tab.

One might wonder where X Art finds these beauties, loads are from the good old USA, some from Eastern Countries as well as Germany, Poland, Brazil and England. There is definitely a nice spread of natural beauties from around the world.

The photographs are professionally shot and delivered in the highest quality graphics can offer, going up to 4000 pix. They are cleverly shot with unique angles and unique contents and scenes. A little imagination and top photographers with exquisite models could not fail to produce such art erotic images. One gets the idea that every image, every photograph is looked at many times before being published. This really adds to the fantasy aspect and the sultry reveal of these gorgeous women. When you consider the X Art discount provided, this site is truly a value to behold.

The video content follows this same premise and goes up to a stealthy 1080p and the player is embedded in the site. You can also download onto mobile so you can carry these girls in your pocket so to speak. While the filming is truly artistic it does not shy away from what we are craving to see, deep penetration, oral sex all done in the finest quality close ups. In fact quality is what earmarks this site and puts it apart from every other hum drum site out there.

All round this is a masterpiece of beauty seduction and not to forget, some real sex too. If you are a fussy browser who is a little jaded by the adult industry and trashiness this could be a great portal for you to look at. There is something here which has been missing, the art of erotica. The mystery of the beautiful woman laid bare and vulnerable and ready for sex and you get it all in nice clear close ups.