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Playboy TV has been broadcasting adult entertainment goodies for over 30 years. Playboy TV is the website that is an extension of the channel that is responsible for showcasing all those fine ladies. There are 1432 videos here and they include shoots, reality shows, hidden camera shows and a lot more.

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There are zero pictures here as they focused solely on videos.¬†You won’t be disappointed by the amount of videos here though as the playmates give you more than what you expected in a good way. The website is updated a lot as there are even 44 videos that got uploaded in the past month. You will also get exclusive discounts when you try and sign up for other porn sites that they are partners with.

The production of each video is of high quality since most of them are also shown on the TV network.


You can be confident the videos all look good and they can be streamed in an embedded player. The videos all last between 30 minutes up to an hour and they all give you a jolly old good time while you masturbate until you cum. The website does not only feature playboy bunnies but they also contain a bunch of amateurs and centerfold models as well. They display impressive creativity in making the videos as they don’t go straight to fucking. There is a back story in each of the video in order to keep the suspense going.

One of the best reality shows there is Foursome where two guys and two girls are locked up in a mansion and there are hidden cameras all over the place. The entire world can now see if there will be some hardcore sex there or not.

Of course, that is up to the participants whether or not they will engage in sexual intercourse or not but it won’t be that hard for them to decide as they get visits from so called experts. In reality, these experts are actually porn stars and they are going to teach them exactly what to do when locked up in a mansion.