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Mr Skin is quite aptly named when one considers it is a collection of celebrities in the buff or any other compromising situation as filmed during their most lustful careers.

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The most astounding part of Mr Skin’s operation is the seeming dedication to finding every snippet, every movie and every scene that can be found featuring naked regular stars. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone, Lady GaGa and Halle Berry are some of the big names that proliferate this ingenious hub. The stuff goes back many years so if you are looking for a more retro star like Marilyn Monroe you will find her too. In fact the content search has been fine tuned to include, bombshells, modern, soap opera, model and diva to mention a few.

There is a handy alphabet toolbar embedded at the top of the site to make your search easier. The content is so neatly organised into snaps and photo’s, picture sets, movies and TV scenes. The content is also ordered according to genre, so if your favorite star was in a lesbian lock with another woman it will be there and easy to find. There are even naughty nuns which features a collection of famous actors over the years being kinky and dressed as a nun.

So don’t be fooled into thinking the content is tame. The scenes due to the quality of actor and production do have a sensuality about them which can often be lost in mainstream porn.


The special features section is really good. There you will find the top 10 freakiest nude scenes ever recorded, a tribute to nature, with stars frolicking in the wilderness and lifetime skin achievement awards featuring Helen Mirren for example. There is also an anatomy award section with the top rated naked bodies. If you want to see Jessica Biel nude, and who would not? There she is.

A really original idea from a man dedicated to finding every little snip, photograph or scene of any particular star. If she has been nude she is there. The content is massive and quite varied since even breast feeding scenes are featured. The content is not only surprising but also surprisingly hot! Mr Skin has a passion for nude celebrities and it shows.