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Dare Dorm is a kinky collection of porn clips from students experiencing dorm life in unexpected ways. Threesomes, licking, oral sex, anal and orgies seem to prevail. After all isn’t that what dorm life is all about? Whether the footage is real or not is open to debate. Some scenes look particularly staged and well produced so to speak.

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However, there are definitely snippets that look real from the poor lighting and grainy texture. So who can tell? Either way the content is highly dirty and excessively naughty. One scene has a guy with two girls, one is balancing on the couch in a seating position with her pussy in his mouth while he bangs another up the butt underneath her. Who knew what went on in dorms.

Aren’t students supposed to be studying? How on earth do they pass their exams? Perhaps a good spanking from the Head of Department is in order?

Dare Dorm offers students to submit their smut and get paid for it, so this could lean the content to being real a lot of the time. Student will do anything for money right?


This could explain the slow update policy they have, as it appears that Dare Dorm is waiting for the next sexy video. The prizes for best videos is around $1000 which dropped 10% as it used to be more. This indicates to me that indeed most of it is real and of course to keep the production smooth some is staged. That is my humble opinion anyway.

The content itself is hardcore and very varied, blow jobs, girl on girl, two girls one guy and orgies as mentioned earlier. The setting is perfect as how many of us fantasized about this kind of lifestyle? Now it is yours when you log onto Dare Dorm.

There are 300+ movies, average length is about 50 minutes which is great, some scenes have condoms others don’t and the overall site is very horny I will admit. The one bug bear is the fact that you cannot download the content to view, but the steaming is fantastic. This site gets a ten out of ten in the areas of ingenuity, good dirty content and clear flash streaming.