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If you love seeing dazzling babes getting drunk and letting loose their free spirit, then Dancing Bear is the site for you. It is one of the most exciting sites available out there. It is a male-stripper organization that performs at bachelorette parties, birthdays, sorority initiations and other similar events.

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They perform for groups of beauties who are guaranteed not to forget such a show anytime sooner. The strippers earned the name Dancing Bear because in almost every time they had a performance, one performer had to come onto the stage donning a bear costume complete with a big bear head. He ultimately lets go of the suit, though that is just their publicity stunt. You might have seen similar sites to this one, but it remains by far the best.


Dancing Bear updates monthly and currently there are 102 episodes, each being unique and entertaining because of the different congregation of women featured. The congregation is not a small one, as one may constitute 20 to over 100 women at any particular time. It is not clear if the women anticipate things to get rough as it usually does, but different from other “look but do not touch” male entertainers you find out there, this show can be termed “look, touch, stroke, suck, get cum all over your face and even in some instances, fuck”.After a short performance on stage, the guys go around the room entertaining each and every woman. This is not just a short entertainment of may be two seconds, but it is thorough in that there is at least a load or two of cum in each scene.

There are some women who are shy than others, but this only makes half of the fun. The other half is exposed when you realize how dirty most of them are and the fact that all the action is being recorded. This is then available for you to download in MP4 files or stream in a Flash player. More than half of them are also available in an HD file.

Dancing Bear’s content is sexy, amateur, unique and hardcore, and the scenes usually last for over an hour. If this is your preferred type of content, then you will definitely go and try it out.