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Checking out College Rules is bound to leave you drooling big time. Moving away from homes brings with it tons of freedom that can make anybody go crazy. In addition to this, you will be bordered by other young and horny friends, willing and able to experiment on new things inclusive of sex.

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The fact that you are a youth proves you may actually be at your best shape in life, the “freshman 15” tag left aside. By checking out all the 19 videos on College Rules, you will be amazed at all the beautiful people involved. They are only available for streaming in HD and MP4 that is offered in an embedded Flash player. This is the opposite of instructions on the join page that indicate that clips are downloadable.

To any high school seniors, these movies could be a great discouragement from taking gap years. You will not be in a position to forego any minute of the fun. You might even consider some mischief that these undergraduates get up to as very inappropriate. We all know naked twister is lighthearted fun, but toilet papering houses naked? No one ends up on the wrong side of the law though. Most female students always prefer girl-on-girl action, even though they are not lesbians.


The babes in these clips perform it as foreplay before they embark on sucking and fucking the boys. This is made more interesting with the $5,000 prize at stake, forcing the teens to push hard to have the best vids. Although they might not have earned their Masters yet; it is obvious that sex sells.

There are 18 photo sets containing adequate photos. All the eight scenes have separate vid cap sets. Most of these babes are so hot that in case they do not succeed with schoolwork, they are free to choose porn as a career. They should however make this decision sooner, since youth fades very quickly especially when it involves studying. Updating is done once in a fortnight. It advertises for other sites, which is not a very good idea and membership does not include any packages. The bonus section has been rebranded “specials”, to keep you from thinking you are accessing bonus sites but deals on membership from other prospective sites.

Although the action makes you drool, its slow rate of updating and lack of contents to download cuts on the excitement. Since the content is filmed specially for the site, the actors may be real students, but these productions are not amateur content.