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The best part of is the babes themselves. Stunning young women with bodies to stand to attention to. There is an innate classiness about the site a subtle glamour that is maintained on every page. The actual site itself is nicely executed using simple lines and the actual work is used to highlight the site.

Doing a review for is a bit like being let lose in a candy store. The home page is as tempting as always, nice clear slideshow scenes and photographs outlining what is about. Glamcor is a nice catchy phrase that is singular to this site. Meaning yes, hardcore is found here, but it is done with style and taste. More than that it is shot in high definition and by camera-men and photographers that appreciate the beauty of sex, not the vulgarity.

Moving down the page you get to see the latest videos and each picture front is tempting. You can tell from just looking quality is something this company takes seriously. The video is so clear you can even see a bead of sweat, a moist lip and the expressions in the girl’s eyes.


The category tab will take you to the many niches offered within the sites parameters, as all the girls are hot and young. Categories include, small perky tits, natural tits, high heels, masturbation, outdoors, blond and brunette to mention a few. If you click on this tab the most popular videos will come up for that category as rated by the members themselves.

The models page will throw up those given the most likes and these are definitely of the hot class in terms of adult entertainment. Perfect bodies and angel like faces and mostly in the age 19 to 25 age group. Click their photograph and you will get a short bio on the girl listing her likes and a little about her activity on Nice touch if you want to find work they have done on the site. Looking around, you won’t find a better discount than the one up there!

The video tab takes you to the latest videos or most highly rated. There is a nice mix of topics and girls, including some saucy hot lesbian scenes. Then, there are the couple scenes and what is such a turn on with these is that there is a real sensuality about the whole act which gets a person sweaty.

The photo’s page has a collection of most popular photographs and the quality is certainly of the ‘wow factor’. It is so clear you can even see goose bumps on an ass for example.

If you prefer the nubile firm young bodies of younger women and like babes this is definitely a site for you. Quality is never lost neither with photographic content nor video content. It reeks of class and an attention to detail plus there is a sensuality about all the scenes and photograph content. There is a discounted joiner fee available which is exciting news since this offer is hard to resist. In fact, once you are on the site it is hard to click off and leave behind.